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Conveyancing & Property

Residential Property Conveyancing
(Existing dwelling)

$1,090 (inc. GST) 
+ disbursements*

Advise on caveatable interest

$275 (inc. GST)

Lodge a Caveat

$275 (inc. GST)

Review of Section 32 and Contract**

$110 (inc. GST)

Mortgage Advice and Solicitor’s Certificate

$330 (inc. GST)

Guarantor Advice and Solicitor’s Certificate

$330 (inc. GST)

**We deduct this fee from the cost of your conveyancing if you are successful in your offer/at auction for the property.

*Disbursements are fees we incur on your behalf, including search fees, certificate fees and other charges by government bodies, departments, owners corporations, etc. These are not solicitors’ professional fees.

Quality legal work

All legal work is performed by a qualified practising lawyer.

Secure Document Storage

We offer secure document storage for your Wills, Powers of Attorney and other important Deed documents at no charge. We will provide you with the originals or certified copies at your request.