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Court Representation

We can represent you in most Courts and Tribunals in Victoria, including the Magistrates Court, VCAT, the County Court, and the Supreme Court.

Typical Civil matters in which we represent clients include:

  • Intervention Orders in the Magistrates’ Court

  • Motor vehicle accidents in the Magistrates’ Court

  • Civil disputes between individuals

  • Civil disputes between businesses

  • Small claims of under $10,000 and claims under $100,000

  • Property, costs and caveat disputes in the Supreme Court

  • Small (under $10,000) and medium (under $100,000) claims in the Magistrates’ Court

  • Larger civil claims, above $100,000, in the County Court


Typical Criminal matters in which we represent clients include:

  • Driving offences

  • Drink driving offences (for low, medium and high-range PCA offences)

  • Drug driving offences

  • Assault charges

  • Drug charges

  • Committal hearings

  • Juvenile prosecutions

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