If you find yourself charged with a criminal offence or a traffic offence, it can not only be daunting for you, but the ramifications of your Court case can seriously impact on the rest of your life.

It is vital that you give yourself the best possible chance through the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer.

At Elvin Lawyers, we will take the time to thoroughly review the charges against you and carefully consider all of the available evidence before advising you of your rights and of the best probable outcome that we believe can be achieved.

You can be confident that we will vigorously defend your case while keeping you fully informed throughout the whole process.

Our experienced advocates regularly appear for clients in the Magistrates’ Court. If your case is in the County or Supreme Court, we have an excellent relationship with a number of hand-picked, skilled, Criminal Law barristers who can provide you with the further assistance that is often required in more serious and complicated Criminal matters.

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We are accurate with our advice and transparent about legal costs.


We embrace technology to deliver the highest quality legal services at a lower cost to clients.


We are progressive, innovative and astute, and we stop at nothing to obtain the best results.

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Our clients are individuals, families, small business owners, and companies from around Melbourne.



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