Matthew Elvin

Principal Lawyer

Matthew Elvin is the founding and Principal Lawyer at Elvin Lawyers. Matthew comes from a background in Court litigation and disputes. He has personally successfully represented clients in most Victorian Courts, from the local Magistrates’ Courts up to the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Skye Wylde

Family and Relationship Lawyer

Skye has a wealth of experience in most areas of law but is particularly passionate about family law, being her primary area of practice. She has represented clients in the Family Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Magistrates’ Court both in Victorian and the Australian Capital Territory.

Annika Childs

Civil and Criminal Lawyer

With a background in criminal law, Annika brings her strengths in legal research and analytical case assessment to the civil litigation team at Elvin Lawyers. She has assisted and instructed in Court proceedings in the Magistrates’, County, and Supreme Courts.

Merida Anderson

Practice Manager

Merida works closely with Principal Matthew Elvin to create and implement strategy for business development, human resources, client experience, and risk management at Elvin Lawyers.

Lisa Betts

Legal Assistant

Lisa works alongside Skye in the Family Law department to assist with the day-to-day management of files and organisation of the department.

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