Whether you are a property owner or a builder, property law and regulations can be difficult to navigate. You may need advice to refinance your mortgage, lend money to a child to buy a property, or guarantee a loan for a trusted loved one. Or, perhaps you are involved in a dispute resulting from commercial or residential building and construction. Through working closely with architects, civil engineers, and claims consultants, we aim to effectively speed up the resolution process of your dispute.

Conveyancing - As of 6 January 2020, Elvin Lawyers is no longer providing conveyancing services.

Our building and construction dispute resolution services include:

  • Payment claims and debt recovery

  • Dispute resolution and/or Court appearances including litigation

  • Representation at VCAT

  • Professional liability claims / insurance claims

  • Prepare Notices of Remedy

  • Prepare Letter of Demand to recover unpaid progress payments

Our transactional property law services include:

  • Provide solicitors' certificates of independent legal advice on mortgages, loan, and guarantees

  • Review and advise on building contracts

  • Review, advise, transfer, and prepare commercial or retail leases

  • Advise on caveatable interests

  • Lodge a caveat

  • Advise on and lodge adverse possession claims

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Resolve Building 
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Review and Advise on Building Contracts
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Lodge a Caveat
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Solicitor's Certificates for Loans & Guarantees
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If you have a matter which is not listed below, please contact our office to obtain a

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*All prices inclusive of GST

Advise on caveatable interest

From $275

Lodge a caveat

From $275 + lodgment fees

Mortgage Advice and Solicitor’s Certificate

From $330

Loan Advice and Solicitor’s Certificate

From $330

Guarantor's Advice and Solicitor’s Certificate

From $330

Review existing standard form commercial lease

From $550

Prepare a Transfer of Commercial Lease

From $550

Prepare a Commercial or Retail Lease

From $1,100

Letter of Demand (Debt Recovery)

From $350